J is for JotNot: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

For some reason I am always having problems with technology.  Printers/scanners/copiers are not connecting to my computer properly, they start to function very slowly or just not at all.  It is so frustrating when you want to do something very simple, like scan one page and email it to someone.  In comes JotNot, my new favorite smartphone app.  It’s very simple and easy to use.  You take a photo of your document and it converts it to a PDF document that you can email or save to your cloud. That’s pretty much it’s only function and it does it well.  It’s all I need and it’s free!


I first heard about JotNot at a board meeting.  A fellow board member had one copy of an event invitation that she wanted to circulate to the entire board so she used JotNot to make a PDF scan and then emailed it to everyone on the spot.  It was amazing!  Now I use JotNot in the workplace and at home to organize mail and bills.  If you’ve been thinking about going paperless, I think JotNot would work great for scanning your documents.  You’ll never loose a piece of paper again!  And you don’t need to buy the fancy $400 Neat Scanner.  Sure it does a lot more than JotNot, but are you really going to take the time to learn how to use all of the bells and whistles it comes with?  Probably not.  You are probably like me and just need to get the simple tasks done.  In that case, get the JotNot app ASAP.


Inspiration: Photos from the PA National Quilt Festival

Best of Show & Viewers Choice Winner: PA National Quilt Extravaganza XXI
Best of Show & Viewers Choice Winner: PA National Quilt Extravaganza XXI. “Once Upon A Time” by Sieglinde Schoen Smith from Carlisle, PA. Hand appliqued, hand pieced, hand quilted, original design.

Somewhere in my nightly web browsing/exploring, after I had put my babes (baby and husband) to sleep, I came across info on the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXI which was coming up this month at the Pennsylvania Expo Center in Oaks. It worked out that I was able to catch the last few hours of the last day of the festival with my mom and baby E. I didn’t know what to expect, having not gone to any sort of quilting store or event before, but I was curious. I’ve always been drawn to textiles and sewing and want to learn more…

Quilt Fest featured a vendor marketplace with shops and groups from all over the country selling products from craft embellishments and fabrics to high-end quilting machines and equipment. But my favorite part of the Festival was the showroom that displayed countless quilts of various styles from around the world.

I’m no quilt expert (my quilting technique consists of basic designs and making it up as I go), but I was completely blown away by the quilt selection on display. The amount of time, attention to detail, and intricate designs apparent in these quilts has me convinced that quilting must be up there on the list of art forms that require a significant amount of skill, creativity, and patience.

My mom taking a closer look at this quilt's details.
My mom taking a closer look at this quilt’s details.

I wish I could have taken a picture of every quilt they had (including detailed shots), but I probably would have had to go to all 4 days of the Festival for that! Below are some of the highlights from the Quilt Festival with excerpts of notes that their creators included on the display…

F is for Fotor: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

Fotor is my new go-to tool when creating Facebook status updates for business.  It is a free, online photo editor — basically like Instagram but with collage making capabilities for your computer.  What makes it even better is that it has a function that helps you easily create cover photos that are compatible with all your social media profiles.

Use Fotor free photo editing to add effects:

Like Instagram, you can add effects to your photos giving them a vintage or other unique look.  Unlike Instagram, you do not have to have a square photo and you don’t have to post after you edit, instead you can save it to use later for a blog post, profile picture, or to add to a photo collage.

fotor edit

Use Fotor free photo editing to create collages:

Unlike Instagram, you can make simple photo collages with Fotor.  This is great if you have multiple photos you’d like to include in a status update or blog post but don’t want to take up a lot of space or to attract more attention with one shot.

fotor collage

Use Fotor free photo editing to create cover photos for all your social media profiles:

Best of all, you can use Fotor to make cover photos for all your social media profiles.  One of my pet peeves is seeing an incorrectly formatted cover photo.  What’s frustrating is that every social media site uses different cover photo sizes so one photo does not fit all.  So, instead of looking up the dimensions of each cover photo, then messing endlessly with Paint to find the right type of photo to get to the precise configuration, use Fotor to do it for you quickly and stress free!

fotor cover photos



ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing is a series of blog posts featuring quick, easy tips for marketing on a budget.

New website for Maloles Law

Check out the new website I created for Maloles Law, LLC.  Maloles Law is a law firm serving the Greater Philadelphia area serving clients with integrity and passion throughout all of life’s milestones.  You should consider a free initial consultation with Maloles Law at any of the following life events:

  • Marriage
  • Purchase or sale of a home
  • Death of a family member
  • Administering an inheritance
  • Receiving a diagnosis of a critical illness
  • Birth of a child
  • Purchase, sale , or start-up of a business
  • Planning for  death or disability
  • Divorce
  • Planning for a child with special needs
  • Gifting of real property or financial assets

maloles law screenshot


There are several features that I incorporated into this website that help make it more effective:

  • The website is mobile ready.  When you visit MalolesLaw.com on your smartphone or mobile device, there is a mobile version of the site that is easier to navigate through on a smaller screen.
  • Each page has a photo to make the site more visually interesting.  Also, when you share the site on social sites such as Facebook or Pinterest, photos improve the appearance of your links.
  • A Call-to-Action is on every page.  The footer of the website includes a contact widget — “Contact us today for your free initial consultation.” with a contact button.  Having a Call-to-Action on every page of your website makes it easy for viewers to contact you and will help capture more leads.
  • Include client testimonials.  Client testimonials can be especially helpful for professional services.  It shows prospective customers that you are consistent with providing quality work.

All of the above listed features should be considered the standard when developing your website.

Happy New Year!

Can’t believe all that has happened in 2013 – got married to the most amazing husband, bought our first home together, and started growing our family!

One of my favorite moments of 2013:  Star & Michael || Same Day Edit from MPW Media Group on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!  In 2014, I hope to find a happy balance between work and parenthood.

Here are some articles I found inspiring for the new year:

Setting Attainable New Year’s Resolutions by abetterlifetherapy.com  – from a great client of mine!

Planning for success in 2014 by Rhonda Abrams – found this article in The Costco Connection, who knew they had pretty good articles!

Five Smart Financial Goals for 2014 by Jacob Gold – have a pretty good start on the list, need to work on #3 and #5.