J is for JotNot: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

For some reason I am always having problems with technology.  Printers/scanners/copiers are not connecting to my computer properly, they start to function very slowly or just not at all.  It is so frustrating when you want to do something very simple, like scan one page and email it to someone.  In comes JotNot, my new favorite smartphone app.  It’s very simple and easy to use.  You take a photo of your document and it converts it to a PDF document that you can email or save to your cloud. That’s pretty much it’s only function and it does it well.  It’s all I need and it’s free!


I first heard about JotNot at a board meeting.  A fellow board member had one copy of an event invitation that she wanted to circulate to the entire board so she used JotNot to make a PDF scan and then emailed it to everyone on the spot.  It was amazing!  Now I use JotNot in the workplace and at home to organize mail and bills.  If you’ve been thinking about going paperless, I think JotNot would work great for scanning your documents.  You’ll never loose a piece of paper again!  And you don’t need to buy the fancy $400 Neat Scanner.  Sure it does a lot more than JotNot, but are you really going to take the time to learn how to use all of the bells and whistles it comes with?  Probably not.  You are probably like me and just need to get the simple tasks done.  In that case, get the JotNot app ASAP.


F is for Fotor: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

Fotor is my new go-to tool when creating Facebook status updates for business.  It is a free, online photo editor — basically like Instagram but with collage making capabilities for your computer.  What makes it even better is that it has a function that helps you easily create cover photos that are compatible with all your social media profiles.

Use Fotor free photo editing to add effects:

Like Instagram, you can add effects to your photos giving them a vintage or other unique look.  Unlike Instagram, you do not have to have a square photo and you don’t have to post after you edit, instead you can save it to use later for a blog post, profile picture, or to add to a photo collage.

fotor edit

Use Fotor free photo editing to create collages:

Unlike Instagram, you can make simple photo collages with Fotor.  This is great if you have multiple photos you’d like to include in a status update or blog post but don’t want to take up a lot of space or to attract more attention with one shot.

fotor collage

Use Fotor free photo editing to create cover photos for all your social media profiles:

Best of all, you can use Fotor to make cover photos for all your social media profiles.  One of my pet peeves is seeing an incorrectly formatted cover photo.  What’s frustrating is that every social media site uses different cover photo sizes so one photo does not fit all.  So, instead of looking up the dimensions of each cover photo, then messing endlessly with Paint to find the right type of photo to get to the precise configuration, use Fotor to do it for you quickly and stress free!

fotor cover photos



ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing is a series of blog posts featuring quick, easy tips for marketing on a budget.

D is for Doodle: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

The problem:  How to get a bunch of people with crazy schedules to schedule a meeting.

The solution:  Doodle.com

If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting with even just more than one person, you know how difficult this can be.  Between email chains, back and forth text and phone calls, it’s hard to keep track of who said when they’d be available or not available.  I highly recommend Doodle for your meeting planning needs.

Doodle.com is a really simple, easy to use solution for scheduling a meeting with multiple people.  No registration is required and it’s free.  Just go to the website, enter in a bunch of possible dates and times for your meeting, and that’s it!  Doodle will provide you with a link that you can send all of your guests.  Your guests will go to the link and check off all the dates and times that work for them.  You will get an email notice every time someone fills in their availability.  You can check on the link at anytime and Doodle will show you the dates/times that work best for the most people.

T is for Throwback Thursday: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

About a year or so ago, I noticed the trend of people posting #throwbackthursday or #tbt photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What is Throwback Thursday?

A #tbt photo is a photo from the past that you post on a Thursday.  It’s a fun way of reminiscing and remembering how much time has past.  A common #tbt photo post would be a photo from one’s childhood.

How can I use Throwback Thursday for my business?

Posting a #tbt photo on your social media sites is a great way to show customers how much your business has evolved over time.  It helps them connect to your product or service.  For example, I started posting #tbt photos on the Facebook Page for TempleTown Realty.

TempleTown Realty is a leading provider of student housing in the Temple University area.  The Temple University area has seen tremendous change within the last 10 years.  For its #tbt photos, I found old photos of the area from PhillyHistory.org and posted them with a message like this:


Throwback Thursday – Can you guess where in TempleTown this photo was taken in 1900? Guess the correct location and we’ll give you a FREE PIZZA fromCity View Pizza! HINT: The name of this street in 1900 is not the same as it is today… bonus points if you can also guess the old name!

This post encouraged new customers to comment and like the status.  Within a few hours, we had 9 guesses from new customers, and 3 winners!  We followed up on the post with the following:

Wow we have 3 winners! Madeline, Chanel, and Brian – Please stop by the TempleTown office to pick up your free pizza certificates or message us your address and we’ll mail it to you! The correct answer was 16th and Cecil B. or Columbia. In 1987, Columbia Avenue was renamed Cecil B. Moore Avenue in honor of the famed civil rights leader who dedicated himself to improving the lives of the neighborhood’s residents.http://northerncity.library.temple.edu/people-and-places/columbia-avenue

At the end of the day, it was a really fun contest for our Facebook followers and we connected our customers with our local area with a short history lesson.  We are continuing to post #tbt photo posts and they consistently are our most viewed, commented on, and liked status updates.

V is for Video Tour: ABC’s guide to shoestring marketing

I recently coordinated a video tour for a new construction project at 1856 Willington Street for Equinox Management & Construction.  Check out the finished product…

Video tours a great way to feature a product or service.  For apartment rentals, video tours have a lot of benefits:

  • A video tour is less time consuming than giving a physical tour of the property.
  • A good video tour can lure prospects into scheduling an actual tour of the property.
  • A video tour is easily shareable with friends and family.
  • Some apartments are difficult to photograph, the angles and walls are hard to capture.  A video tour turns those flat, cell-block-like photos into a cozy home.

If you are looking to produce an affordable video tour for your business, please feel free to contact me!